XPRESSION – Airwave [Cosmic Rhythm]

With the world currently in a coronavirus headlock, it’s time we bunker down in music discovery mode. With all eyes on the toils of our Italian friends, we thought we’d bring a little light to the darkness, premiering a record that’s all things Italy! You may already be acquainted with Cosmic Garden (Nicola Loporchio) and… Continue reading XPRESSION – Airwave [Cosmic Rhythm]

Nico Lahs – Deep Da Futa [Adeen Records]

Discogs pages don’t lie, can’t embellish or mislead.  They lay bare an artist’s production and output. Aliases, labels and birth names come together to lend focus on a community that so often seems disguised.  Nicola Loporchio’s aka “Nico Lahs” artist page is a proper curriculum vitae. A starting point if you are unfamiliar with his… Continue reading Nico Lahs – Deep Da Futa [Adeen Records]

B.U.M. – U Found Out [Cosmic Rhythm]

Today we have the pleasure of premiering a new track from Italian imprint Cosmic Rhythm. Lead by Cosmic Garden, Cosmic Rhythm has been a long-time purveyor of the finest Italo house, putting out numerous stellar releases over the past three years. And having done a little digging on the origins of the mysterious B.U.M. –… Continue reading B.U.M. – U Found Out [Cosmic Rhythm]

Rydm Sectors – Spend The Nite [Cosmic Rhythm]

Cosmic Rhythm spoils us with a new release and there’s no hiding of how excited we all are at Bolting Bits HQ. Composed of Michele Lamacchia (a.k.a Rhythm of Paradise) and Nicola Loporchio (a.k.a Cosmic Garden) Rydm Sectors release their second release on the Italian imprint. And how beautifully Italian it all sounds! Starting with… Continue reading Rydm Sectors – Spend The Nite [Cosmic Rhythm]

KETAMA – Dreamscape [Cosmic Rhythm]

KETAMA is a creative collaboration between Nicola Loporchio and Michele Lamacchia. Today we premiere the second track from their debut EP titled Voyage which is to be released on Italian based label Cosmic Rhythm. Cosmic Rhythm state the four-track record was created, ” […] while breathing a tropical breeze in Italy.”   [soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-ketama-dreamscape” /] “Dreamscapes” is the title of… Continue reading KETAMA – Dreamscape [Cosmic Rhythm]

Rhythm of Paradise – Mellow [Cosmic Rhythm]

Let us paint you a picture: Golden sand and shining blue water a few meters from you and your better half. A dolphin jumps out of the waves and tanned bodies get out to dry under the burning sun. A warm wind helps the process and makes the palm trees gently move. You got the… Continue reading Rhythm of Paradise – Mellow [Cosmic Rhythm]

PREMIERE : Loss Of Gravity – Intensity [Cosmic Rhythm]

Italian label Cosmic Rhythm made their debut last year with an EP by Michele Lamacchia under his Rhythm Of Paradise alias, a fusion of early 90’s house, disco and 80’s electronica. Since then, their releases have gone from strength to strength and for such a new label, have made a great impact. Their sound could be described as… Continue reading PREMIERE : Loss Of Gravity – Intensity [Cosmic Rhythm]

PREMIERE : Spiritual Emphasi – Spiritualism [Cosmic Rhythm]

  Today’s premiere comes to you from Cosmic Rhythm, a label based in the south of Italy that likes to wear it’s heart on its sleeve, as opposed to dwell is animosity and shadows. “Mystic Sounds, Black grooves, Atmospheric dreamy vibes and Natural elements are the essence…” states their Soundcloud page, and after listening to… Continue reading PREMIERE : Spiritual Emphasi – Spiritualism [Cosmic Rhythm]