KETAMA – Dreamscape [Cosmic Rhythm]

cosmic rhythm - ketama

KETAMA is a creative collaboration between Nicola Loporchio and Michele Lamacchia. Today we premiere the second track from their debut EP titled Voyage which is to be released on Italian based label Cosmic Rhythm. Cosmic Rhythm state the four-track record was created, ” […] while breathing a tropical breeze in Italy.”  

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“Dreamscapes” is the title of the track we have the pleasure of sharing. The track is Balearic house at its finest. It is a soundscape which illustrates a warm, hazy tropical scene. Warm synths and dreamy high-pitched tones ring away and emanate bird song, the bass line plucks away and percussion drives throughout and lays the groove. So much groove.

As is common in Balearic house music, a stringed guitar plays melodies which furthers the romance and chilled out feel of the track.

This is track would not sound out of place on a dance floor thanks to the energy of the drums and the build-up of space and delay between sections. However, it may be best placed on a long scenic drive in the summer, or perhaps whilst lying on a beach. Wherever you choose to listen, it will bring a glimpse of sun and sea and perhaps a memory of a happier and warmer time.

The record is set to be released on 29 January 2019. You can pre-order it here!