Man Power – What A Puny Plan [Echocentric Records]

It’s been exactly one year since we interviewed Man Power for our MixedBy series. Since then, The Me Me Me founder has launched himself back into the world, returning to some form of normalcy post-COVID. The British maestro is back to throwing regular gigs in his home base of Newcastle and is touring once again, bringing his world-renowned DJ sets back to the masses.

To mark his welcomed return, Man Power has partnered with Finnish imprint Echocentric Records to release his first vinyl record of the year! Titled “Space Walk,” this EP contains a total of 3-tracks and sees Man Power in his element dishing out his signature sounds that have been labeled as ‘intergalactic house.’ However, in his latest rendition, the beats have more of a tribal feeling – resembling something closer to home than some of his extraterrestrial belters.

Case and point, we are premiering the A2 from the record titled “What a Puny Plan.” Like most dance tracks of this variety, I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on the track’s name, but instead, concentrate on its melodies. The song grabs your attention immediately with its gyrating bassline and almost ancestral-sounding percussion. This gives the listener the feeling as if an ancient ritual is about to take place and that Man Power is the shaman leading the procession. Man Power then continues to layer in waves of ethereal synths over menacing horns that give the tune some much-needed gravity – compelling the dancefloor to come together and groove as one. “What a Puny Plan” might be the closest thing you’ll come to having a religious experience at the club and we’re ready to repent for our sins!