6 Years of Bolting Bits ~ sampler compilation

As the decade has rolled to a close, the ways in which fans discover music is more fractured and algorithmic than ever. Massive platforms use technology and playlists that many listeners have become reliant on to surface new and engaging tracks, and while there are still a handful of independent press outlets pushing releases from underserved artists, they are dwindling by the year. Yet in the face of a rapidly changing industry, there are still a number of even smaller collectives bucking the trend of computerized gatekeeping, thanks in no small part to the hard work and passion of like-minded individuals who care deeply and are driven to support and spread the music they love.

One such faction is the unrelenting and ever-evolving Bolting Bits, co-founded as a French language publication in 2014 by Florent Tarroux (who produces and DJs as Numea Daze) and his partner Sarah-Marie. Bringing Igor Bezuglov onboard in early 2016, together they helped Bolting Bits reach a more universal audience by transitioning their writing to the English language. Alongside a small team of rotating contributors, they’ve worked tirelessly to not only upload music from artists they admire, but also raise the profile of talented newcomers who are eager to share their efforts—many of whom have gone on to release on labels such as Shall Not Fade, Lobster Theremin, Feel My Bicep, and a myriad of high-profile outlets. With over 650 premieres under their belt, as well as over 100 original mixes and over 6 million plays on Soundcloud, Bolting Bits remains a beacon for the outer rims of traditional dance music, covering everything from jazz to acid to broken beat and beyond. They have thrown dozens upon dozens of parties in their local Montreal and have reached audiences across the globe (except Greenland…hurry up Greenland).

Now, Bolting Bits are extremely excited to announce their first official compilation, in partnership with renowned producers and artists who’ve been supporting and supported by the crew since the very beginning. With tracks from the likes of Jad & The, Aleksandir, Homage label owner Ryan Clover, and many others, this compilation stands as a testament to the amazing work and ethos of Bolting Bits. It will be available on both Bandcamp and the main Bolting Bits website, and will cost a minimum of 8 USD (though fans can pay-what-they-want to help further support the site)—the ultimate goal is to continue sharing amazing tunes from incredible artists to the people who care.

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