Crossover Network – The Ice Factory [Pleasure Deficit]

In his hometown of Perth, Mike has been co-operating the Groovement event series since it’s inception over eight years ago. Groovement have brought acts such as Or:La, DJ Bone, LNS, Radioactive Man, Serge (Clone) and numerous others to the Fair City. While holding down a residency for several years, Crossover Network has spent countless hours… Continue reading Crossover Network – The Ice Factory [Pleasure Deficit]

Duo Paradiso – Dream Machine [SNC Recs]

Just in time as the new club season kicks off, SNC Recs presents a burning hot prog house EP. Dynamic duo ttyfal and Chocolate Grinder, teaming up as Duo Paradiso, are set to release their debut EP “Welcome to Paradise”, featuring a remarkable remix by Bliss Inc. as the fourth imprint on SNCD. Together they… Continue reading Duo Paradiso – Dream Machine [SNC Recs]

Monokle – Moths [Constellation Tastu]

“Ultraflowers” is the new album on Constellation Tastu by Monokle, the acclaimed Russian electronic music producer and composer based in St. Petersburg. Known for his distinctive blend of ambient, glitch, and experimental sounds, combined with great energy. Monokle crosses many stylistic boundaries but always remains recognizable by his melodic, warm and eclectic electronica-based sound. Pre-order.… Continue reading Monokle – Moths [Constellation Tastu]

Dave Aju – Next 2 You (Stripped Dub) [Elbow Grease]

Coming in blazing-hot off the heels of their very welcome reunion set for the recent Glossolalia LP, Dave Aju & The Invisible Art Trio are apparently out for no mercy here on their potent Elbow Grease debut for the label’s third offering. “Next 2 You” was a live jam session-based composition started overseas some 8+… Continue reading Dave Aju – Next 2 You (Stripped Dub) [Elbow Grease]

Joe Morris – Solar Fantasy (Heavenly Dub) [Shades of Sound]

As we bid farewell to the final days of summer, we’re thrilled to present Joe Morris‘s “Solar Fantasy EP.” Written during the darkest days of the Covid-19 Pandemic the tracks are deliberately imbued with a warmth and light. Richly textured melodies and a vibrant sonic palette that dance around each other to create an immersive… Continue reading Joe Morris – Solar Fantasy (Heavenly Dub) [Shades of Sound]

Atix – United [Dionysian Mysteries]

The Dionysian Mysteries spectral forces are back with another mind-bending V.A. Showcasing 10 artists, all with their own unique flavor. A consortium of dynamic sonic movement delving deep into the unconscious.New and novel, this is the sound of the future. Pre-order. can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Atix – United ( text has… Continue reading Atix – United [Dionysian Mysteries]

AutoClub – An Apparition [Kajunga Records]

‘An Apparition’ introduces the hazy feeling of AutoClub’s ‘Apparition’ EP with a thundering kick, dubbed-out chords, and a mysterious vocal sample topped off with a funky 303 interlude. The A2 track, ‘CoupCoup’, then builds late-night suspense with looming strings and chords driven by deep, groove-soaked percussion. ‘Molecular’ kicks off the B side with eerie vocal… Continue reading AutoClub – An Apparition [Kajunga Records]

Crooked Man – Illyrian Song [Citizens Of Vice]

Citizens Of Vice returns from its summer jaunts with the mini comp ‘“Meraki’ a rather lovely collection of eclectic aural pleasures. Meraki is a greek word that does not really translate very well into English. Although hard to define it’s closest meaning would be “When you leave a piece of yourself, your soul, creativity, and… Continue reading Crooked Man – Illyrian Song [Citizens Of Vice]

Machinegewehr – Life [Bordello A Parigi]

Since 2014, Silas Schletterer has been part of the Bordello A Parigi family. Under his Machinegewehr guise, the Rotterdam artist released three show-stopping synth centred records. 2023 sees him put out his fourth, Life. Burbling arpeggios, a signature of his sound, are present for “Sans.” Clever inviting melodies, another feature of Schletterer’s style, mix beautifully… Continue reading Machinegewehr – Life [Bordello A Parigi]

Paige Tomlinson – Butts Bumpin’ (Baby Rollén Remix) [Dansu Discs]

Paige Tomlinson joins the ranks at Dansu Discs for their 46th edition by way of the Butts Bumpin’ EP. The release also features a pair of remixes from Baby Rollén & KOKO. The title track ‘Butts Bumpin” kicks off the release and sets the tone nicely for a collection of unabashed party starters. A raw… Continue reading Paige Tomlinson – Butts Bumpin’ (Baby Rollén Remix) [Dansu Discs]

Sempra – I LIke That (Jungle Music) [Future Classic]

‘I Like That (Jungle Music)’ opens Sempra’s ‘Call Me’ EP on Future Classic with crisp, racy drums and a hushed vocal. It’s a true homage to ‘90s breakbeat and hardcore, with dreamy synths and pitched-up vocals at the forefront, while a dark reese bass sneaks up on the track’s euphoric arrangement throughout. Pre-order. can’t… Continue reading Sempra – I LIke That (Jungle Music) [Future Classic]