MIXED BY/ Elfenberg

Welcome to the latest edition of our MIXED BY series, where we dive deep into the minds and music of some of the most innovative artists in the electronic scene. Today, we are thrilled to feature Elfenberg, a dynamic dj renowned for his unique blend of Ethnotronica, psy-house, and Indie Dance.

Hailing from Sweden, Elfenberg has made significant waves in the electronic music world, signing with esteemed labels such as Bordello A Parigi, Stil vor Talen and Correspondant. His music is characterized by its rich, diverse soundscapes, blending traditional ethnic elements with contemporary electronic beats.

Recently, Elfenberg has been busy with a slew of exciting projects, including his label, Trampoliner, which aims to foster a community of like-minded artists and push the boundaries of the genre. Trampoliner’s latest releases continue to captivate audiences, showcasing its ability to evolve and innovate within the electronic music landscape.


Your recent EP ‘Without Further A Dude’ on Correspondant has been well-received. Can you tell us about the inspiration and creative process behind this project?
I woke up one day and wanted to make something that took me back a little bit to the good old Eurodance era and the 90s electronic music scene in general. That was sort of the music I grew up with. I did have any clear creative process, just went with the flow on this one.

Since your debut in 2017, how has your music evolved, and what key experiences have shaped your sound over the years?
Back then I obviously made ethnic, organic, and Afro-type stuff, it was a lot slower in tempo even though I never actually played that slow. That’s the sound most people know me by I suppose, however, that was sort of a phase and the intro for the Elfenberg project. Nowadays I make more housey stuff, more traditional elements within the spectrum of disco, house, and techno, with my own twist to it of course.

You launched your own label, Trampoliner, in 2019. What motivated you to start your own label, and what vision do you have for its future?
Initially, the plan was to have a home where I could release my stuff, whenever I wanted, with no hassle. But It quickly became a home for friends and family in the scene as well, although I might go back to the original plan in the future, we’ll see.

Can you walk us through your typical process of creating a track? How do you start, and what tools or techniques do you rely on?
To be fair, I don’t have a creative process whatsoever, sometimes an idea pops up in my head, and other times (most times) I go into the studio completely blank. Sometimes I start with a melody, other times with a beat, as long as I’m inspired.

You have collaborated with various artists and labels, including Bordello A Parigi and Playground Records. How do these collaborations influence your work, and are there any artists you particularly enjoy working with?
Not really, I love collaborating with many labels and artists, and I’ve promised myself to do more of that in the future. I’m pretty open-minded as long as it’s serious from both parts. I have a fun track coming up pretty soon that I made together with Whitesquare. Keep your eyes open for that one.

You have upcoming shows in places like Barcelona and Istanbul. How do you prepare for your live performances, and what can fans expect from an Elfenberg set?
I don’t prepare more than making sure my music is up to date. I sort of have a feeling of what I want to play but it can quickly switch once you’re behind the decks. I love improvising and reading the crowd. I don’t see the point of having a fixed setlist, I could never do that.

Can you share five tracks that have been on heavy rotation for you recently? How do they inspire or influence your own music?

Holo – In Tokyo (as heard in the mix)
Guy Contact – Motomami’s Chant
Politics of Dancing – Mamma
Tiga & Hudson Mohawke ft. Channel Tres – Feel The Rush (Honey Dijon Remix)
Instant House – Awade (Joe’s Jungle Sounds Dub)

These tracks inspired me in all sorts of ways, they make me what to go to the studio that’s for sure.

What can we expect from Elfenberg in the near future? Are there any upcoming releases, tours, or projects you’re excited about?
More music, I have been away from the studio recently, and I have not been that inspired either, but it is always like that during the summer. I guess I need less sun to get inspired lol. But I promise more music shortly on both my and other labels. I have some stuff in the pipeline but I can’t say too much :)

Your music spans many different kinds of genres. How do you blend these diverse styles, and what draws you to these particular genres?
As I mentioned above, I did one thing many years ago, that later became a disco/indie dance-affair. In the present, it’s more old school, back to the roots if you will. However, I love blending as many genres as possible as long it feels right, even though it’s sometimes very subtle. I mean I love the percussions of the “ethnic” sound, I love the catchy and happy sounds of Disco, and finally the deep, raw, and confident sound of house and techno.

As someone who has successfully navigated the music industry and established your own label, what advice would you give to emerging artists looking to make their mark?
Have a clear plan and stick to it. Try to find yourself before throwing yourself out there. It’s fine to evolve as an artist and person, that’s both natural and necessary however, take a step back and look at what you want to do, otherwise, everything might be a bit messy from a musical and aesthetic point of view.