MIXED BY/ Olympe4000

Olympe4000 is a French powerhouse who entered into the electronic music scene in recent years like a whirlwind via high octane thumpers on the production side and wildly fun and dynamic DJ sets to accompany them. Now returning to her aptly titled Adrenaline Quality label she joins forces with the much beloved DJ Physical for the collaborative ‘Hack Me I’m Famous’ EP.

Alongside this release Olympe4000 shares with us a phenomenal 48 minute excursion through her DJ style for our MIXED BY series which meanders through heavy subs, crisp saturated breaks, floaty techno cuts, twitchy electro and much more. Not to be missed for lovers of raw, formidable energy.


Can you tell us about the mix you’ve put together for us, some of the features artists, when and where it was recorded?
It was recorded in my living room while some friends came to share a moment on Sunday evening

You’re a resident of Paris, a city widely known and adored for it’s vibrant club scene and overall global cultural input. Could you tell us a little about your life there, the elements of the music scene that inspire you and some other things in your daily life as a Parisian that brings joy to your world?
Living in Paris, especially as someone deeply connected to its music and cultural scene, is a truly enriching experience. The city’s vibrant club scene is a significant part of my life, offering endless inspiration and joy. Paris is a melting pot of musical genres, from electronic beats pulsating in underground clubs to jazz flowing through intimate venues. Some of my favorite spots include Station Gare des mines. The diversity of the music scene here is incredible. Beyond the nightlife, daily life in Paris brings joy through its unique blend of history, art, and everyday unexpected moments and people.

Your fledgling Adrenaline Quality label is now marking its sixth release with this collaborative EP between yourself and DJ Physical, entitled ‘Hack Me I’m Famous’. Could you tell us about the label, it’s sonic aesthetic and what your plans are for its future?
Adrenaline Quality is a new home for local emerging artists and utopian producers. The label is for clubs outsiders, people on the margins, but also people who work and take transport every day scrolling through their screens, who just need to have sound in their ears and party intensely on the weekend to forget about their daily routine. This label was founded with Beatz by Girlz, an association that aims to promote women and gender minorities in the music industry, through training in music technologies. For the future, we want to develop the mix and MAO classes for FLINTAQ people, this project will take place at la Machine du Moulin Rouge, another historical club in the center of Paris. I believe to change the

Also, an EP from Beatrice M and Jan-Loup -two incredibly talented producers from France- will be out at the end of the year.

For those yet to hear it could you describe the upcoming ‘Hack Me I’m Famous’ EP you made with DJ Physical?
This EP is an invitation to question our relationship with technology and our fundamental desire to exist in a constantly evolving world. The enchanting rhythms and haunting melodies captivate us by skillfully blending elements of breakbeat and synthwave. Each track is an avant-garde exploration of the various aspects of our digital contradictions. It’s a blend of eras and styles, where the past and present converge to create an innovative and captivating sound.

What’s next on the horizon for Olympe4000 after this EP, any other special releases or shows coming up you can share with us?
I will play at Fusion Festival in Germany this year, im super excited about it

Lastly, can you share with us an old gem you still love and listen to from your early years of discovering electronic music?
Steve Lawler – Rise In (Nalin & Kane Vocal Mix)