Rhythm of Paradise – Mellow [Cosmic Rhythm]

Let us paint you a picture: Golden sand and shining blue water a few meters from you and your better half. A dolphin jumps out of the waves and tanned bodies get out to dry under the burning sun. A warm wind helps the process and makes the palm trees gently move. You got the idea? If you find yourself fortunate enough to be in this kind of context, it’s your lucky day because we’ve got the perfect soundtrack. If on the contrary you are still at work or stuck in the city then cheer up! By the end of this article you’ll be halfway there…

Cosmic Rhythm are back once again with one of their best releases to date and what better moment than now to unveil it. Rhythm of Paradise transports us to a beautiful soundscape reminding us very much of Italy’s house music golden age with”Universe of Love”, his latest instalment for the ever-growing label. Lending its title to the EP, the A-side opener takes us into the groove with smooth pads and soft moaning and giggling, slowly building up with a groovy bassline and great flute parts, some organ action towards the middle of the track and 909 drum patterns. Great little set opener.
[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/rhythm-of-paradise-mellow/” /]
“Mellow”, the second track of the A-side is the one we are premiering today. Featuring a looping bassline and a vibe to die for, it’s probably the track you’ll hear the most at after-parties this year. The piano riff is here to add some action to the track but then the pad settles it down to the more moody side of 90s deep house. We can’t wait to hear it during a beautiful sunrise after a long night…

Flip to the other side and be welcomed by “Mystical Ambience”, the fastest of the bunch. Featuring roughly the same elements as the aforementioned tracks but with more synth action and a speedy tempo. It’s the more club-friendly track of the bunch. Last but not least is “Essence”. The Italian producer infuses some italo-disco goodness into this one, especially the bassline, and transports us to the end of the dance session with a very loopy four-to-the-floor joint.

Overall this EP is a lush masterpiece of dance music and an absolute must-have. Get it here, thank us later.