XPRESSION – Airwave [Cosmic Rhythm]

CRM17 - xpression
With the world currently in a coronavirus headlock, it’s time we bunker down in music discovery mode. With all eyes on the toils of our Italian friends, we thought we’d bring a little light to the darkness, premiering a record that’s all things Italy! You may already be acquainted with Cosmic Garden (Nicola Loporchio) and Rhythm Of Paradise (Michele Lamacchia) in their own right but together they go by XPRESSION. On this release, the two focus on writing swift and frantic club records. On the 12-inch ‘Come To Me’ all efforts are trained on jungle breaks, acid infusions and harnessing 90’s rave culture. We must show big love to the Bari-based house imprint Cosmic Rhythm for pressing this one. A label we’ve been fans of for many, many moons.

We have the pleasure of premiering the curtain closer ‘Airwaves’. Igniting with urgent synths, scuttling percussion and tooting whistles, this track scurries along without a breath. Upon listening, I’m reminded of a bonkers block party in the colourful suburb of Newtown in Sydney. The epicentre of the party was a terrace house appropriately named ‘Eureka’ for the day, where selectors played tracks from the balcony. The sun was shining and long necks (big beers) were raised as people danced like mad in the streets.

So let’s not get it twisted. Stay inside, be smart. Do your part and this mess will all be over soon. In the meantime, stay positive and sink into new records from all over the world. At Bolting Bits, we promise to keep tunes a comin’.

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