Rydm Sectors – Spend The Nite [Cosmic Rhythm]

RydmSectors - Cosmic Rhythm
Cosmic Rhythm spoils us with a new release and there’s no hiding of how excited we all are at Bolting Bits HQ. Composed of Michele Lamacchia (a.k.a Rhythm of Paradise) and Nicola Loporchio (a.k.a Cosmic Garden) Rydm Sectors release their second release on the Italian imprint. And how beautifully Italian it all sounds! Starting with the title track Spend the Nite and its addictive flute hook. Setting the groove on with a housey drum pattern and mellow piano chords the track shows itself as a nice late-night addition to your dance session, full of suggestive images and romance. Moving on with the track we are glad to premiere today: Keep on Follow Me. Made for more intense moments with its bouncy bassline, chord stabs and one shot voice sample. Add to that the wild resonating synth appearing throughout the song and you’ve got yourself a true floor filler! We’re loving the simplicity of it all … no technical marvels are needed here, just a great energy and a crowd ready to lose itself.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/rydm-sectors-keep-on-follow-me” /]
Switching to the other side we are welcomed by Set me Free. What starts as a very bassline centric track coupled with drums that clearly pay homage to the golden age of Chicago the tracks suddenly changes its mood when the airy pad starts its two-chords exchange. A deep track for a deep vibe.

Ending it all, Taking Me Over is the odd one of the bunch. Sounding almost like proto-house at times it uses the traditional recipe with strange ingredients. Strangely enough for the label, it sounds very digital (the good kind) and this excursion outside of their realm is extremely welcome in our opinions.

You can preorder the 12” here.