Dom Bird – Yemayá [Beats Of No Nation]

Yemaya EP Dom Bird
“Choot Choot” goes the AUS production steam train, chugging along on its merry way. In the driver’s cabin this time is Brisbane local Dom Bird. Already one half of popular duo Chord Memory Band and part owner of Beats of No Nation (BONN), Dom’s set off on a solo escapade and it’s fair to say we’re stoked with the results.
Amazingly, we’ve been told the whole EP was written and recorded over one studio session with help from percussionist Gus Cereijo. Talk about efficiency! It must’ve been a day or evening enthused with afro-latin cultures, which can be heard loud and clear on the opener Yemayá, meaning “mother whose children are fish”. Read into the title what you may.

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Igniting with the lush synth chords, we’re soon introduced to an authentic wind-like instrument and pumping bongos, all which trace an energetic path. The first scene of Mel Gibson’s 2006 film “Apolcalypto” features a ferocious chase through the Amazon and Yemayá could very easily be its accompaniment…well I think so anyway. This release once again proves that the BONN posse are pro multi-instrumentalists and know a vibe when they hear one. Keep it locked!