Interface Palm- Readymade [Broken District]

Melbourne-based artist Interface Palm presents “Curated Space” on Broken District, his first mini-LP, with 6 tracks skirting the line between broken beat, house, cosmic jazz and hip-hop, including collaboration with fellow Melbourne producer and bass player Horatio Luna.

Interface Palm is the project from Australian artist Jordan Hankins. Having established himself as a producer and DJ in Brisbane, he journeyed south seeking a change of scene. A right move for him, as relocating to Melbourne led him signing an EP with local label +Romantics, quickly followed with another release on Beats Of No Nation.

Jordan opens the release with 3 tracks mixed together and served as one continuous production. First track is “Check In”, a cosmic, multi-layered jazz-infused piece, serving as an introduction for the whole release, but also paving the way to the first single of the record: “Readymade”.

More than a track, this is a true journey breaking barriers between styles, mixing elements of disco, G-funk, jazz and broken beat. Kicking-off slowly with a moody piano, Jordan then brings-in a catchy bassline, blending it with uplifting keys and strong broken beat elements, turning it into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece!