Sable Blanc — Patience (a series of meditative loops) [Beats Of No Nation]

a meditative loop
For his sophomore album, Sable Blanc delivers an unexpected ambient album, showcasing an introspective collection of textured and warm sounds. Made of evolving meditative loops that build up to deep and contemplative tones, ‘Patience’ is all about homemade recordings and cherishing loved ones.

From his father and friend playing the guitar, field recordings of swallows from his parents’ garden, to round and thick arpeggiated synth lines : every bit you can delicately hear in ‘Patience’ was precisely crafted to feel genuine and authentic. Keen to preserve his positive and homely sound signature, Sable Blanc humbly extends his music talents to new horizons, shifting to a more hands-on and organic creative process.

Sable Blanc purposely exhibits his love for music exploration and eagerness to push his own artistic boundaries : known for his jazzy house skills, he now stands for genre-crossovers and sunny music : from ambient drone sounds to electronica, while keeping soul and deep house music as his roots. »


Credits :
All tracks produced, arranged and mixed by Sable Blanc
Guitar on Early Swell, Lines & Curves, Aparté, Be Good, Instant Nostalgia and Family played by Adrien Philibert
Guitar on Legacy played by Sable Blanc’s dad
Kalimba on Mental Naps played by Adrien Philibert

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