Anatolian Weapons – Heliotrope [Subject To Restrictions Discs]

Athenian producer Aggelos Baltas, also known as Anatolian Weapons, unveils the ‘Earth’ LP. The album fuses polyrhythmic percussion with tones of his native folk music, welded seamlessly together with a distinct Krautrock attitude. ‘Earth’ takes us on a mystical journey through the northern Greek highlands, backed by Baltas’ unique machine-assisted folk, infused with hypnotic drones and exuding an aura that is both futuristic and evocative.

Anatolian Weapons now continues his explorations in boundary-pushing electronic music with the ‘Earth’ album, a true reckoning with ancient musical traditions given a modern facelift. The eight tracks reconstruct a sonic narrative of tradition enhanced with psychedelic and space-rock elements marked by tribal rhythm and pure hypnotism.

Active in the scene for more than 20 years, Baltas has been praised locally and internationally for his bold blend of different styles and influences, seen not only in his Anatolian Weapons project but also in his work as Dream Weapons and Fantastikoi Hxoi. His releases have been put out by renowned labels such as Beats In Space, and Emotional Response, now, he returns to the Swiss Subjects To Restrictions Discs after remixing their recent release by Anna vs June.

Anatolian Weapons ‘Earth’ drops on Subject To Restrictions Discs 3rd November 2023.


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