PREMIERE : Chord Memory Band – Donostia [Beats Of No Nation]

beats of no nation - Chord Memory Band

In the span of only a couple of months, we’ve been to Australia and back almost more times than we can count. If there was any doubt before then it’s completely erased now, as the land Down Under really is one of the hotbeds for house music at the moment. Beats Of No Nation is an Australian radio show bringing you “weird and wonderful sounds from all around the globe” and it is curated by Dom Bird, Jad Lee and Sean Bate as well as their regular guests, both local and international. Launched in September of 2015 the radio show has hosted 49 episodes thus far with guests ranging from the likes of Urulu and Fouk to the Lobster Theremin crew.

As if curating a successful radio show wasn’t hard enough, the trio decided to expand into a record label only a year into their tenure (the next logical course of action is of course to expand into a fast food chain, as their Soundcloud profile casually states). Their first EP, ‘Trends‘ by Super Fun Bumper Edition was very well received and supported by many leading tastemakers and we expect the same of their sophomore release, which is set to hit shelves this week. The artwork for the label is handled by Jesse Dolman, an emerging Melbourne-based artist who has a knack for the odd and somewhat grotesque.

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Chord Memory Band is a recent collaboration between Michael Medlycott (from the band Vulture Street Tape Gang) and Dom Bird (Beats Of No Nation co-founder and member of the live disco 4 piece Mitzi). The pair have cooked up a four track record of analog tastiness entitled “Third Eye EP”. Today, we are giving you the first taste of the B1 track ‘Donostia’. This mid-tempo jam is propped up by some vibraphone chords and crisp percussion. Swelling synth work and keyboard lines adorn the piece, echoing and reverberating into the distance, creating a remarkable sense of depth. A warm bass line adds support but doesn’t overpower the mysterious air created by the interwoven melodies of the various instruments. From strings and bells to plucked synths and keys, there’s a little bit of everything all working together in this finely concocted, ear-pleasing potion.

The rest of the EP is just as exceptional and one to definitely add to your collection. Pre-order it here.