UNSIGNED 011: Darcy Khalid – Darcy Khalid – Hakone Schoolyard

Unsigned_darcy khalid

After a long hiatus our unsigned series is back. Producers who have appeared on the series so far have been approached by labels and subsequently had material released by them after we helped shed some light on the new talents. We hope we’re able to do the same with the next one in the bunch, coming from a BB member based in Australia, Darcy Khalid.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-darcy-khalid-hakone-schoolyard” /]
Get to know a little about him below:

Hey, I’m Darcy Khalid.

I’ve been producing music for about five years and DJing and playing piano for a little longer. Since I moved to Melbourne in 2016, I’ve been producing music with at least the vague intention to release it publicly. I wanted to wait until I felt I had a sound that was my own, and I guess that time has come. My Unsigned track is from my debut EP.

The record features three quite different tracks, including elements of ambience, techno, drum & bass – even hints of jazz on the A1. Hakone Schoolyard is the A2, and if someone called it a broken beat ambient techno jam, I wouldn’t call them crazy.

It evolved three times over about 18 months. I made a version, got bored of it, left it alone, then repeated that process several months later. What you hear now is take three. I can be a bit ambitious with my compositions, so they’re often long and multi-sectioned. My favourite songs will change a lot, weaving between atmospheres, energy levels and tempos, often seamlessly, but occasionally with bold abruption. I tried to do both here. I hope it worked. Thanks for listening :)