UNSIGNED 006 : S.Kull – Changes

The unsigned series continues with the sixth installment of producers we dig that are looking to find a home for their music.

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Next up in our series, we have S.Kull:

Hello there! My name is Sebastian and I am a 27-year-old producer who is based out of the capital city of Switzerland. I started my journey in electronic music back in 2007 when I came out with my first official release on the label called Sirion Records. Since then, I have tried developing sounds from many different genres, but now think that I have found my way.

I spend my time mostly trying to come up with music that makes me happy, that usually involves experimentation with vintage gear, tape noise and heavy doses of saturation. As one might guess, my favorite sub-genres at the moment are lo-fi house with hints of disco sprinkled in between. If I had the money, I would definitely spend it on buying every synthesizer that has ever been built.

The idea of behind my unreleased track Changes was to embody the strange feeling one feels when they hear that they are going to be a father for the first time. When my girlfriend first told me the news, I was filled with happiness, sadness, and uncertainty all at once, and that is the mood I was trying to get across throughout its entirety. This is the main reason the song has the title that it does – because there is no bigger change in one’s life than when they start a family of their own.

Thanks for taking a listen to my tune and allowing me to share this experience with you.