UNSIGNED 010: Jacopo Sb – Prova 1 (Monolithic Remix)

After a long hiatus our unsigned series is back. Producers who have appeared on the series so far have been approached by labels and subsequently had material released by them after we helped shed some light on the new talents. We hope we’re able to do the same with the next one in the bunch, coming from Jacopo Sb and Monolithic. Get to know a little about him below:

Hey, Monolithic here. I’m originally from Japan but currently based in New York. I’ve been producing and DJing lo-fi house since around 2017 but have been making music all my life. My sound is always changing but there’s consistently an element of haziness and dreaminess in my productions. And a few favorite elements come back again and again: subby 808s kicks, distorted breakbeats, fat chorusey pads, squelchy acid basslines, etc.

A few weeks ago, an Italian producer by the name Jacopo Sb sent me “Prova 1.” He described “Prova 1” as a melancholic reflection of his experiences over the past few months.

I was drawn to the flavor of the pads, and the steady flow of the percussive elements that he’d laid out. This 140bpm flip of “Prova 1” builds on that foundation with breakbeats, subs, and Juno-60 arps. The process of remixing this track was pure catharsis for me; I was dancing in my apartment as if I hadn’t been in quarantine for five weeks.

“Prova 1” will be released on May 8th on Platonic Solids Inc., a small imprint I launched this year as a home for my self-releases, remixes, and collaborations.