Sofatalk – Sparkling Day [Broken District]

broken bits vol1

Broken District presents Brokenbits, a series of digital-only releases featuring fresh productions from the label-affiliated talents. In pure Broken District style, the first volume of Brokenbits explores multiple fields, from hip-hop, to house and electronica, including musical works crafted by artists Duktus, Jeppe Wolmer, Jus Jam and SofaTalk.

Duktus opens the EP with “Bubbels”, a sunny hip hop instrumental for the cali lovers. It’s followed by a naive House ballad from Copenhagen, produced by the artist Jeppe Wolmer. Both artists are returning visitors of the Broken District, having already released a couple tracks on the French imprint for the past years.

Up next is label cofounder Jus Jam, delivering again his smooth House recipe for true dreamers and constant long-haul flyers. Last, but not least, Italian artist SofaTalk seals the deal, making his debut in the Broken District territory with a beautiful twisted ode to the blaxploitation sound. SofaTalk will be back soon on the label with his first mini LP called « South Side ». Keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime, welcome back to the Broken District. Pre-order now.