Thermal – Vice Street [Broken District]

From uptempo deep cuts, to jazzy house, slow trance and acid broken beat… Broken District again proves its will to explore uncharted musical territories. “Brokenbits Vol. 3” is the latest instalment in their series of compilations, featuring productions from the label’s friends and affiliated talents. As always, this new volume explores a wide variety of sounds, with musical works produced by Horatio Luna & Nikodimos, Interface Palm, Slowaxx, and Thermal (Sevenbeatz x Moody Gliani).

Horatio Luna returns to Broken District after his first appearance on Interface Palm’s album (Curated Space, 2022). This time, he kicks off the release with a collaborative track with fellow Melbourne musician and producer Nikodimos. Together, they deliver us “Fly”, a modern jazzy house ballad that really feels like an improvised jam, with Horatio’s bassline answering to Nikodimos’ saxophone and transverse flute notes. Yet, make no mistake, nothing’s improvised: the two Australian artist gives us an intricated, multi-layered production that will hit jazz-heads right in the heart.

Interface Palm again lands his beautiful work on Broken District, with “Digital Day”, following his first mini LP “Curated Space” recently released on the label. This time he produces a high-powered, 130bpm broken / deep house track with a beautiful 80s, lo-fi treatment that will set a rough, hazy mood on dancefloors.

Slowaxx makes his first appearance on Broken District. With “Linn Orchestra”, this Tuscan-based Italian producer takes us on a jazzy, acid, broken beat trip. The track is led by atmospheric pads creating an almost dramatic setting… but they are overlapped with a colourful bass sequence, acid synths and a powerful rhythm (based on the LinnDrum drum machine – hence the title) that brings a peculiar flavour to this odd piece of music. The kind of production that really stick to the Broken District aesthetic.

Closing the compilation on a strong note is Thermal, the joint-project from Bordeaux-based French producers Sevenbeatz and Moody Gliani. They put together “Vice Street”, a downtempo take on trance music with transcending basslines and a strong 4/4 beat built to challenge the best sound system. It’s a really smart production, with its long breaks, strong builds and overall feeling of never-ending electronic journey.