Jus Jam – Wide [Broken District]

BKD005-side-broken district
Broken District was launched in 2018 by Jus Jam, Momla and Antwan. The label explores alternative styles, blending influences of house, jazz, hip-hop, funk and soul. With seven releases under their belt, this very slick imprint is supported often by the likes of Worldwide FM, XLR8R and Phonica.

On this new offering Broken District brings us ‘90s Anxiety’, a maxi EP by label co-founder Jus Jam, who takes us on a deep exploration into his hazy musical world. His music is often described as dreamy and contemplative, with sharp beats and smooth bassline, ‘90s Anxiety’ does not disappoint. Heavily inspired by nineties underground club culture, the EP travels through UK garage to dreamy hip-hop, from early electro to new jack swing.

On opener ‘Daydream’ and its B-side sister ‘Ryoji’s Dream’, the producer delivers two dreamy compositions crafted with the forward thinking hip-hop head in mind, touching on trap, seinen manga soundtracks and David Lynch’s surreal cinema. ‘Neopolis Sound’ is a subtle homage to early electro and breakbeat, old sci-fi movies and 90s video games. ‘Higher Sense’ is a modern and dreamy vision of breaks and jungle with elements of jazz. Title track

‘90s Anxiety’ takes a contemporary angle on new jack swing mixed with elements of house and funk slap bass. ‘Wide’ goes full on two-step with its steamy atmosphere, syncopated beat and powerful sub.

This collection of tracks is Jus Jam doing what he does best, mixing many forms to create something completely new and visionary.


text has been provided by the label.