Sofatalk – South Side [Broken District]

sofatalk - broken district

Broken District launched this well styled label in 2018 and is a combination of the creative minds of Jus Jam, Momla and Antwan.  Exploring alternative sounds, the label blends influences of House, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, and other experimental beats. The roster includes SofaTalk, Sam Irl, Turbojazz, Marian Tone, Jus Jam, Leon Revol, Setwun, Duktus, Jeppe Wolmer, System Olympia, and Momla.

Number four on the label is “South Side” by Sofatalk.  Six tracks that twist jazz, broken beat, house music and funk, resulting in the artists most accomplished work to date.  Italian producer Piero Paolinelli is SofaTalk, his solo project crossing many genres. He’s a funky house selector and owner of Cognitiva Records and as a producer, he’s released on Omena, YAM and Banoffee Pies.

The opener “South Side” is a funky jazz production carried by a bubbly bassline. Marcus Horndt on the electric piano, finishes the job with his addictive groovy keys. “Rhodes Royce” begins with a 4-on-the-floor rhythm and acid notes. This is pure acid jazz style and a clear standout of the EP for the house heads with a jazzy heart.  SofaTalk closes the A-side with “No Frills”, a broken beat come nu jazz production, with live recorded drums. The groove is alive on the flipside with “Ella” where the producer sends you to a steamy, sweaty atmosphere of modern Louisiana blues.  “Raw Ivy” brings back the four-to-the-floor and offers a twisted, modern take on funk.  Closing the EP is “Play with Words”, a deep house cut that takes you to a very peaceful place. Order now here!