Mint Jams – Buenos Notches [Better Listen Records]

KX9000 and Tour-Maubourg are Mint Jams. The two rising French producers have combined for a live new disco project with an impeccable vibe. Mintology serves as a mini-LP of sorts; five tracks of heady, low-slung live-instrumentated jams.

Arguably, our favorite tune from the record, “Buenos Notches” is a certified groove that delivers a day-time assortment of funky guitar licks, retro synths, and bonafide bass. A slow-burner through and through, these melodies are the perfect soundtrack for those hot summer nights that make sleeping hard to come by. If you’re in a need of a cool down, just sit back; grab your favorite adult beverage, and let these breezy jams wash over you.

Mintology EP is set to come out tomorrow. You can pre-order your copy here!