Tree Threes – Nuits Jazz (Sune’s Dream Mix) [Blur Records]

blur music
Blur Records is proud to present the debut of Irish DJ and Producer – Tree Threes – who delivers a superb 5-track EP entitled “Our House” featuring 5 remixes by the outstanding producers Henrik Villard, Henna Onna, Manuel Kane, Max Caesar & Sune.

Born & raised in Cork, Ireland, Tree Threes is known for his distinctive sound, ranging from House to Broken Beat, inspired by fellow Cork natives Fish Go Deep & the British Broken-Beat scene.

The now London-based producer, who has released a flurry of tracks and EPs on some of the most prestigious house labels on the planet, has now dropped a wonderful 5-track EP with us entitled “Our House” and as a celebration, we decided to invite close friends of the label and some of the hottest producers in the scene at the moment: the Norwegian producer Henrik Villard, Armenian wunderkind Henna Onna, the Greek prolific artist Manuel Kane, the German upcoming talent Max Caesar and the Swedish Honey Butter label boss Sune.

Tree Threes delivers a superbly well-composed EP of understated House music, with the remixers taking it to another level with their quirky and slick reinterpretations of the originals, in what promises to be one of our most successful releases so far.


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