Karlita – Early Riddim [Monstart]

For this new opus, KARLITA, producer navigating in a universe on the borders of video games, where sharp rhythms, bewitching voice notes and soaring sound ambiences oriented UK-G, juke and 2step. She presents us a project rich of 8 tracks, “Live in your world play in mine”, which revisit in a sound way the experience of her youth, on the eve of the major advent of the Internet era.

Deeply inspired by digital aesthetics as Tekken and Gran Turismo can be landmarks, Karlita is a 2000s child.

We dive into an imaginary cultivating a sweetened nostalgia, enhanced by the brilliant superposition of repetitive kicks and nonchalant voices, characteristic of the Karlita touch.

The ultimate nod to the PlayStation catchphrase that she switched to call her musical gold nugget, “Live In Your World, Play In Mine”.

“This project was a challenge for me. To transmit my emotions, while offering rhythmic tracks calibrated for a dancefloor. Finding the harmony and balance, between softness and vulnerability vs. the raw and energetic aspect of club music.”


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