Sameed – Feel It (Dub Mix) [Better Listen Records]

Manchester-based producer Sameed makes his debut on D.C. imprint Better Listen Records with his 4-track EP, Ode to G. This record is Sameed’s first and only release of 2022 and sees the lad explore familiar territories of US funk, soul and R&B to create his signature brand of looped samples and melodies.

The title track and “Want You” comprise the A-side and introduce listeners to what can be described as an upbeat, disco-house affair. Placing soulful vocals at the forefront of each, Sameed crafts two, captivating tales of love at its infatuation stages. The theme carries itself through onto the B-side of “Ode to G” with Sameed’s dub mix of “Feel It.” However, this time around, the producer applies a percussive, stripped-down approach in creating a climactic gospel-infused weapon. To finish things off, Sameed demonstrates his versatility with the tune Baby. Almost like a cigarette after sex, this original provides listeners with a much-needed respite by incorporating styles more resembling UK future garage than the soulful influences from tracks prior. Although unexpected, Baby provides a welcomed change of pace that shows another side of love – one that feels more real and less rose-colored.

Ode to G is out now! Buy it on Juno here!

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