Dj Swagger – The Phone Talky [Nerang Recordings]

NRNG010 ARTWORK Various Artists - Freaky Friends Volume 1 - Nerang RecordingsComing as the penultimate track on the upcoming various artists compilation EP from Nerang Recordings, Freaky Friends Vol. 1, Berlin-based Australian DJ Swagger’s “The Phone Talky,” serves as the compilation’s searing climax. This compilation is the first of a new series by the label showcasing the talents of six exciting producers from across the globe. Its title serves as a fitting encapsulation of the general spirit of these tracks– raw, unadulterated, down-and-dirty dancefloor anthems. 

Despite its hair-raising opening drum-line and head-spinning BPM, Swagger’s cut is surprisingly measured in its bravado. As the salacious, over-the-phone vocal sample emerges, a cushy, lush synth and gorgeous piano melody gently steer the track away from complete hedonistic abandon. This juxtaposition works alarmingly well, as Swagger expertly works more traditional rave elements into the fold, such as turntable scratches, chopped vocals, and handclaps. The track has all the workings of a peak-time banger, yet the overwhelming feeling it leaves leans more towards self-assurance and composure in its overt sexuality, rather than frenetic, reckless revelry.

The track’s appeal to get down is conveyed concisely in its vocal sample– a woman soliciting a man she deems worthy of her and her body. As a whole, the track emulates this confidence and frank treatment of sexual desires. There’s no room for beating around the bush, no time for prevaricating, Swagger suggests. Just let the music do the talking.


Gilad L.