Dj Swagger – Vegan Bordbistro ft. Vector Dancer [Thirty Year Records]

Dj Swagger
Cultivating a staunch following via his online channels, this elusive cat named DJ Swagger is usually all about adrenaline. His debut record ‘Greatest Hits’ was characterised by wailing cop sirens and crackling gunfire to give you some indication.

Taking a slightly calmer route, the swagman returns with his ’Faces Whatsoever’ EP via Thirty Year Records. Still a young man, he’s already achieved plenty, with a stack of originals previously released on imprints such as Natural Sciences, Who’s Susan and E-Beamz.

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Experimenting in the land of dub, the opening track ’The Sent’ is a meditative roll. Toying with shuttling percussion and finger clicks, the producer loops together a clump of soothing dark sound. One to shut your eyes and float away too…

Up next comes the cheekily titled ‘Vegan Bordbistro’ (ft. Vector Dancer), interpret it as you may. Heading to someplace devoid of gravity, Swagger and V.D meld harsh drum tones and spacey pads, creating a tune to help warm the floor. There’s a beautiful plateau on this plant-based breaker, one to steady the ship for what’s probably a big evening.

Closing the curtains is a doorway to the great outdoors. ‘What A Relief A Track With A Field Recording’ is built around what appear to be snippets of crickets chirping. Toss in whistles, squashed percussion and bongos and we’ve got ourselves a mellow dance in fresh air.

Explore a new avenue from DJ Swagger on ‘Faces Whatsoever’, only 300 copies will be pressed so don’t dilly dally!