Norus & Dj Whipr Snipr – Sportsgoth ft. Chordata [Nerang Recordings]

nerang recordings
The latest release on Berlin/Queensland-based label, Nerang Records, comes courtesy of a collaboration between Australian label-head and producer, DJ Whipr Snipr, and Brazillian DJ/producer, Nørus. Sportsgoth EP is a deep dive into each artist’s interest in the glitchier, harder edges of Techno and Bass music.

“Sportsgoth” is a fittingly intense closer for this hard-hitting EP. The track has all the hallmarks of a breakbeat-techno gob-smacker: a drowned-out, hardly discernible, chopped-up vocal sample, massive, warped basslines, skittering percussion, immersive synth washes, and several breaks. The track is relentless and immense. Every sonic detour feels in service of achieving absolute maximal effect, especially toward the end, as the final break cascades into a sonic pileup which is downright whiplash-inducing. The beat then returns for one last go-around, an encore of sorts. Whipr Snipr and Nørus seem in lock-and-step with one another, delivering a feast of Techno delights with this track and EP.