Charles Murdoch – WTBL [BEATS OF NO NATION]

charles murdoch - BONN13
You know when you’re itching for a certain someone to release new music…you’re not sure when it will arrive but you’re confident it’ll be class. This time around, those records come from Brisbane producer Charles MurdochAfter catching the ears of the Future Classic crew many moons ago, thanks to his ever-graceful productions, he’s been on a steady incline.

After bunkering down for a good half year or so, we now have the ‘WTBL’ EP and we’re wrapped to be premiering its title tune. We’ve been told Murdoch invested in a new toy not too long ago, namely, a modular rack synth. This fresh piece of gear has lead him to explore an after dark avenue, or early morning one, however you look at it.

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‘WTBL’ is a twinkling rave. Crunchy percussion and erratic synths engage in a brilliant conversation. An abrasive thing of beauty I’d call it. I once went to an illegal rave in a drainage pipe and I would have loved to have heard this there. The rest of the EP is in a similar vein, bar the opening tune ‘Annoying’ which is like a trip to Saturn’s rings.
This latest body of work, will be out via his fellow countrymen Beats Of No Nation, who’ve previously pressed records for talents such as Leon Revol, Jad & The and Chord Memory Band. Charles once played in a band (Super Fun Bumper Edition) with the legends who now run B.O.N.N. It’s great how things come full circle. Pre-order now on Bandcamp.