PREMIERE : Zopelar – Transbordo Tropical [Yügen Records]

Yügen Records is a Madison, Wisconsin-based imprint releasing their second record. The sparsely populated midwestern state is not one you normally associate with forward thinking electronic music and that’s something we at Bolting Bits like; record labels, artists or individuals who push boundaries and yet come from some of the most unexpected places. For their sophomore release they’ve penned a reissue, originally out in 2014 on 40% Foda, from Brazilian producer, live act and DJ, Zopelar (soundcloud). A resident at São Paulo’s ODD, Pedro Zopelar is someone who knows how to work a crowd. That, combined with his ability to churn out bold musical compositions from his synth and drum machine collections, earned him a spot in the 2014 Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo and then live gigs in renowned spaces such as Panorama Bar and DGTL Festival.

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The re-released EP entitled Transbordo Tropical, from which we are premiering the A1 and title track, could be divided into two. The A1 and B1, Transbordo Tropical and Estrela Distante can be grouped into one category with slower, funkier, 80’s cosmic synth vibes. The A2 and B2, Obsoleutron and O Divertido Céu de Estamira however, are slightly more dynamic and four to the floor, with a different feeling that even edges into acid territory. For us, Transbordo Tropical is the standout here, and as the name suggests, it conveys a warm and sultry atmosphere transporting you straight to the tropics.

We look forward to seeing if Yügen Records continue to keep their ear to the ground and pull out some more innovative releases out of their hat.