Space Ghost, Nelson of the East – Emotional Healer (Nelson of the East’s Forever Dub) [Tartelet Records]

Downtempo, ambient and meditative, ‘Medusozoa Vol II’ is a compilation of tracks made for deep listening, reflection and procrastination. Spotlighting previously unreleased songs and fresh new finds, the album takes listeners on a journey through moods across genres, giving flight to the imagination

With a busy year coming to an end, Tartelet Records is taking a step back to pause and reflect. Releasing November 30th, “Medusozoa Vol II is a compilation of 20 introspective, ambient and downtempo tracks from across the planet – all carefully selected for their healing qualities,” explains Tartelet label head, Emil Margetli Nyholm.

Alongside previously unreleased material by Space Ghost, Zopelar, Glenn Astro, Max Graef and Uffe, the album also features recent signings the likes of ABUNAI, Athletic Whippet, Brynjolfur, Doc Sleep and Sans Merit (a new project by Francis Inferno Orchestra), plus a few classics from the back catalogue courtesy of Henry Wu & Tito Wun, among others.

Whether taking listeners back to a time in the past, to a daydream in the future, or fully immersing them into the present, all tracks were selected for their restorative and relaxing qualities, giving listeners a reason to find comfort in today’s climate of uncertainty.


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