Jitwam – Confessions [Tartelet Records]

Following a string of strong releases, Tartelet Records is taking a step back to reflect on a year on hold. Releasing on Friday, March 26th, Medusozoa is a compilation of 13 introspective, downtempo and ambient-leaning tracks that have been carefully selected for their healing qualities. Alongside previously released and unreleased material by Glenn Astro, Henry Wu & Tito Wun, Jitwam, Max Graef & Wayne Snow, Space Ghost, and Uffe, the record also features recent signings the likes of ABUNAI, Armin Tamzarian, and Nelson of the East.

Out on February 24th, the first single “peace sign” by label-newcomer ABUNAI is a heartfelt piece of electronic soul brought to life by the artist’s falsetto vocals and hazy, laidback production. A style and sound synonymous with the Bay Area where he resides – though with a deeper message at its core:

“Peace sign” was inspired by some of the intense wildfires during 2020 and the feeling of sitting inside while the world is on fire,” says ABUNAI. “It’s about our lack of control over what might happen to the people we love, and learning to accept that lack of control.”

Worthy of a second spin, Oakland native Space Ghost continues on theme with the two deep ambient cuts “Night Dive (Ft. Morgan)” and “Tropical Pavilion” taken from his first and second albums.
Max Graef contributes with the track “Jane” with Wayne Snow on vocals: a lesser-known gem taken from his critically acclaimed 2014 debut album Rivers of the Red Planet. Recorded on an afternoon in Graef’s old Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg apartment, it was one of Wayne Snow’s first features and remains a label favorite. Tartelet Records label head Emil Nyholm remembers:

“Wayne and Max had just met and started working together – this was one of their first collaborations and it all came together in one afternoon – it felt magical back then and it still does today,” he says.

A “hidden” bonus track from his acclaimed Honeycomb album, “Confessions” by Jitwam drops the artist’s usual vocals and signature funk-leaning groove in favor of slow, dozy melody. Strangely soothing and hypnotic, Confessions features mellow triphop-inspired beats and a pitched flute-like melody – perfect stoner vibes!

Finally, Milan-native Nelson of the East delivers the previously unreleased track “The Casting,” a bizarre and cinematic piece of ambient music, showcasing his affection for soundscapes and jazzy chord progressions.
Whether taking listeners back to a time in the past, to a daydream in the future, or fully immersing them into the present, all tracks were selected for their restorative and relaxing qualities, giving listeners a reason to take comfort in today’s climate of uncertainty.

The first single “Peace Sign” by ABUNAI will be out February 24th on all digital platforms. The second single “Confessions” by Jitwam is available March 10th on all digital platforms ‘Medusozoa’ drops March 26th.

text has been provided by the label.