Nelson of the East – Lost in Dubnation [Tartelet Records]

In a now annual tradition, Tartelet leans into the introspective mood of the winter months with itsthird compilation of downtempo and ambient titles. The artists involved on this 24-track collection include recent frontliners as well as long-standing extended family and breakthrough talents.

Medusozoa Vol III offers a perfect opportunity to dig into the dimensions of the label not defined by a dancefloor beat. Here, low-slung hip-hop and RnB can sit alongside beatless reveries, head-nodding dub meditations, and nimble, meandering jazz funk alike. If there was ever a question whether the label promotes a broad church of music, here it is in abundance.

The trip begins with long-time Tartelet alumni Max Graef, who makes two appearances on Medusozoa Vol III in his now signature woozy style interspersed with artful sampling. Doc Sleep follows up on her debut solo with a gorgeous foray into submerged, dubby shimmers, and Oakland-based psych-soul star ABUNAI links back up with kissingpractice for another dose of heart-on-sleeve song craft.

Copenhagen-based artist Lord of the Magi takes us on a mesmerising ride of ‘60s psychedelia, perfectly extending his sound nurtured on the Soul Exchange record. And Later Version, a collaboration from Oakland duo DJML and Jerod S. Rivera, sink into an analogue bubble bath of electronic and acoustic sonics. Athlete Whippet’s accomplished, soul-informed sound slips in perfectly, adding a warm, laid back
funk to the mix.

While label mainstay Nelson of the East drops a surprise hit sure to get a mass of bodies moving, Space Ghost returns for another blissfully beatless excursion that’s all killer, no filler. Tartelet wizard Glenn Astro also continues to shape out his distinctive path through modern beat constructions and edgy synth snaps.

Fresh label debuts include Mr. Beatnick, who lays down a sumptuous slice of cosmic downtempo boogie, while London-based producer DrumTalk brings his signature deft drum programming mood. Ciel also makes a first appearance on the label with her signature backroom dreamscapes and shimmering, tripped-
out style.

With its rich tapestry of mellow sounds to melt into, Medusozoa Vol III offers both a soothing backdrop and something mentally nourishing to fix your mind’s ear on.


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