Versalife – Perceptual Time Dilation [20/20 VISION]

Boris Bunnik is a prolific producer based in The Netherlands who has consistently created incredible electronic music across multiple styles as Versalife, Conforce, Severnaya and Vernon Felicity building a wide fan base and widely regarded as a master of the trade with records produced for highly respected labels including Rush Hour, Delsin, Frustrated Funk, Clone and Further Electronic. Following the magnificence of his debut album ‘Manifold’ on 20/20 Vision he now returns with his second full length album ‘Chronoception’.

Chronception sees Bunnik expand from rigid electro beats (Polyshron) into more freeform excursions featuring liquid breakbeats layered with rasping synths (Perceptual Time Dilation), futuristic soundscapes (Altered Sense), intricately woven random sequences featuring tight drum programming (Oculus). Bunnik always manages to elicit emotions from the machines with an extraordinary amount of feeling poured into the circuits until each song tells a story from the melancholy of Equilibrium to the future worlds of Clairvoyance.

Boris Bunnik has stood silently in the shadows for many years making a myriad of beats that have rocked the most discerning global dance-floors, Chronoception heralds his remarkable talent and cements his place as a master craftsman.


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