Unsigned 001 – Paradiso Rhythm – Theo’s Prophecy

At Bolting Bits HQ we receive a lot of music submissions. We do our absolute best to feature as many artists and labels as possible to shed light on as much talent from across the world as we can. Until now, we’ve almost exclusively been showcasing material from signed talent, music that’s already tied to a record label, be it self-released or through a third party. Today, we’re launching our new unsigned series. The goal of this new series is to highlight music from talent that has either reached out to us or that we’ve come across in our own digging, but is music that has yet to find a home. We hope to showcase these artists and their music to the various influencers that keep up with our content and possibly help establish some sort of connection between the two parties. Instead of writing about the artists, for this series we’ve decided that it would be great if it could be more personal. We’ve asked these artists to introduce themselves and write a little bit about what makes them tick musically, their influences and anything else they choose to share with us. So, without further ado, we bring you the first in our unsigned series:
[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/unsigned-001-paradiso-rhythm-theos-prophecy” /]
Paradiso Rhythm – Theo’s Prophecy


I am 28, coming from Kosice, Slovakia where I am currently living and working. I started making music 10 yrs ago and since then I have released digital and vinyl choones and remixes on labels like WOLF Music, Petrole, Dream Raw, etc, plus on my own label House of Unity which I am currently running alone :) I was also running this little project, Embryo, and had some nice remixes there as well as my debut LP Luv Grooves.

The main idea behind this track was to somehow get connected with Theo Parrish and to achieve this Detroit and Chicago vibe I was always interested in. I sampled Theo’s voice from one of his presentation for some YT channel :) and played with it.

I never wanted to sound trendy and I am still following my heart and soul and I still want to be one of the most valuable house producer here in Slovakia.


I’m about to release a track on my fav Detroit label next year (can’t say more at the mo).