Cliff Dalton – We Are The Little Ones (Legowelt Remix) [LDI Records]

LDI Records serves up a celebration of The Hague’s famous electro sound with native Cliff Dalton aka Sander Evers behind four originals and fellow West Coast legends Legowelt and Rude66 both remixing.Cliff Dalton is a relatively new project from a long-time Dutch music great. Sander Evers is the drummer in psychedelic stoner rock band Monomyth and has played with other notable groups including 35007 and Gomer Pyle. Next to those projects, he has always had his ear tuned into the region’s enduring electro scene and now offers up his own fresh take on it. The EP’s title refers to the fact that all these artists are bound by geography but is also a nod to the fact that The Hague is the largest Dutch city by the sea.

The opener ‘We Are The Little Ones’ is about an evil robot factory in a futuristic dystopian city. It is a coruscated electro-funk workout with crisp analogue drums and nimble bass overlaid with withering sci-fi melodies. ‘We Don’t Need A Real World’ is a superbly cinematic eight-minute excursion with widescreen synth work taking you to the stars as you ride an elastic bassline. The majestic ‘City Under The Sea’ then layers up neck-snapping snares with cosmic arps and plunging bass and ‘Cleopatra’s Matrix’ soundtracks an ancient Egyptian city with its mystic leads and eerie pads luring you into a late-night electro trance.

West Coast pin-up and hugely prolific electronic innovator Legowelt remixes ‘We Are The Little Ones’. His version has plenty of his textbook intrigue, lo-fi texture and magical synth charm, and finally key Bunker Records associate Rude 66 flips ‘City Under The Sea’ into a snaking dub rhythm with hypnotic acid lines and seductive vocal whispers woven in deep.

The Blue City EP is a timeless package of West Coast electro direct from the source.


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