UNSIGNED SERIES 012: Stones Taro – Blue Coast

stones taro unsigned
After a long hiatus our unsigned series is back. Producers who have appeared on the series so far have been approached by labels and subsequently had material released by them after we helped shed some light on the new talents. We hope we’re able to do the same with the next one in the bunch, coming from kyoto in Japan Stones taro!

I’m Stones Taro, DJ / producer, based in Kyoto, Japan.
I began my career in 2014 and has been active in the local Kyoto scene, with some of the best releases from around the world, mainly in the UK. I’m mainly inspired by 90s NY House, UKG and jungle. Blue Coast is a raw house track, bringing you a nostalgic feeling. A main arpeggio phrase produces a hypnotic mood, and rough breakbeat that makes you high.

Thank you for listening.