Radiofear – Skyline [Ozelot Records]

South Korean Artist Radiofear is presenting his new EP ‘Skyline’ on Zürichs Ozelot Records. It manifests and captures the contemporary experience of inhabiting the megacity of Seoul.

The album begins with a track called ‘Asphalt,’ which refers to the hard mixture that makes up the pavements and roads of a city. Despite its rough and lifeless appearance, it provides a firm ground for the pedestrians and vehicles, holding up their weight. The track therefore carries such duality of coldness and warmth associated with the streets of a metropolis. The next track ‘City Report’ is an intuitive response to the speed of urban life, consisting of fast drum sounds. Meanwhile, ‘Morning Shift’ paints an image of the dark blue sky at dawn—a sight that greets people as they
walk out of their houses to go to work in the morning. The last and main track ‘Skyline’ takes inspiration from the diversity of elements that comprises a city, from cars driving by to the lights blinking on billboards. Taking each observation and encounter as an ingredient, Radiofear builds a vivid image of his home city, where endurance, vigor, and solitude coincide.


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