Kid Sublime – The Mandrill feat. Han Litz [Jazzy Sport]

Jazzy Sport, the long standing, popular record shop and label from Tokyo, Japan is preparing its next record for release. The label focuses on a fusion of soul, jazz and hip-hop, oftentimes in a house-y direction, as is the case with the newest double LP to hit their catalogue. Kid Sublime is the man at the helm of the record entitled “The Padded Room”. The album sees the Dutch producer explore the sounds that the label is known for and perhaps sees him shy away a bit from hip-hop, a genre that has a place near and dear to his heart.

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The album has guest appearances from a number of artists such as vocalist Damani Leidsman, percussionist Jos De Haas from New Cool Collective, soul collective the Dangerfeel Newbies and of course flutist Han Litz of the Kindred Spirits Ensemble who features on our premiere today. The Mandrill has got some bouncy percussion, a chunky bassline and a groovy piano sequence that are bound to make you move on any given day of the week. Add the fantastic jazzy flute skills of Han Litz and you’ve got that extra bit of spice that takes this track over the top and makes it one of the standout cuts on the album.

Don’t snooze on the rest of the album either as it is very much a dance record sprinkled with seasoning and influences from around the world.