Stones Taro – Final Rule [Future Classic]

After a fantastic year of quality releases featuring the likes of Otik, Cameo Blush, Demuja, Nikki Nair and Ivy Lab, legendary Australian label Future Classic now closes its 2023 with a compilation consisting of its heaviest hitters from the past year.

“In my eyes, each of these artists represents the refreshing and exceptionally talented voices and producers emerging in modern dance music at the moment. It’s been a pleasure to work across each of these releases, and I am excited to welcome Memphis LK and Stones Taro to the fold, too!” – Andy Garvey

Among its twelve tracks sit two fresh new remixes and an original from the emerging Japanese artist Stones Taro. The first remix is by Memphis LK, who reimagines Sycco’s pop-infused, vocal-laced breakbeat track ‘Ripple’ to an evocative garage number. She is then followed by a DJ Slugo remix of Martyn Bootyspoon’s ‘These Nike Shox’. The ghetto house pioneer imbues an already pumping track with juking, boundless grooves, amplifying it for the dance to great effect.

“I loved ‘Ripple’ as soon as I heard it, what jumped out to me particularly was how much colour and personality the main synth sound has. I had so much fun chopping and creating my own version of that sound. I wanted to create a dirty crunchy breakbeat version of the track that still kept the playful and emotional energy of the original.” – Memphis LK

Stones Taro then provides us with ‘Final Rule’, fusing raw bass, hypnotic vocal snippets and gorgeous melodic soundscapes into a potent, psychedelic dancefloor trip carefully laid over a garage shuffle. Following years of growing global talent like Flume, Flight Facilities, and the late SOPHIE, this compilation shows us a glimpse of Future Classic’s promising future in the club.

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