UNSIGNED 009: Lorenzo Morgan – Something’s Burning (Vocal Mix)

Unsigned_009_lorenzo morgan
Producers who have appeared on the unsigned series so far have been approached by labels and subsequently had material released by them after we helped shed some light on the new talents. We hope that we are indeed making a difference and getting some fresh talent some more exposure. Next up in the series, a semi-local, Canadian talent who we’re thrilled to be introducing today: Lorenzo Morgan.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/unsigned-009-lorenzo-morgan-somethings-burning-vocal-mix” /]

Get to know a little about him below:

Hey, I’m Lorenzo. I’m 21, based in Hamilton, Canada. After spending around 6 or 7 years in the realm of hip hop, jazz and funk I released my culminating studio project called “Pursuit” this past December. This encapsulated the work I wanted to have created while on that side of the spectrum. I’ve since shifted gears to focus on deeper grooves and dancefloor ready cuts, which felt long overdue. I was overflowing with ideas for house and techno records. Curiously experimenting with new sounds and dancing on the outer boundaries of my musical tastes has proven quite satisfying creatively.

Something’s Burning is a sort of thick, smoky groove. It started off as a jam—and as jams go I was soon running from the keys, to the mic, then back to the keys. The goal was to pass some of that free-flowing movement on to the listener. The vocals were recorded super casually, but when all of the pieces came together, their laid back nature relaxed the groove a little bit. It felt fun.

Hope you enjoy!