Bixi – Moka [Breathing Room Records]

Bixi’s sophomore EP on Canadian imprint Breathing Room Records is upon us. Simply entitled Natural, the release is a further exploration into the Switzerland-based artist’s love of organic sounds and textures. Following up on his debut Aquarius EP released last year, this time Bixi, who also goes by his more jazzy main alias Lokke, decided to forego the sampling and played most of the instruments himself with a little help from his friends. This includes keys, guitars, bass, synths, kalimbas and all sorts of other percussion. The four track EP is also the first in a set of upcoming digital-only releases for Breathing Room.

The title track, Natural, is led by a tranquil kalimba melody while being underpinned by a driving moog bass. A percussive break in the middle of the track serves as a reminder that the track is still meant for the dancefloor, BPM not withstanding. Flip has a sharp kick and hefty moog bassline reminiscent of last year’s Cosmic Water, while the melodies are once again contrasting that heaviness with a light-hearted flair. The third track, Phanta, is a percussive affair with rhythm guitars aplenty, perhaps being the most footwork friendly of the bunch. The closing track Moka, and our premiere today, takes on a breezy atmosphere with sunny pads and playful melodies, transporting you straight to the beach.

The perfect EP to soundtrack the rest of your summer is here. You can pre-order your copy directly via the label’s Bandcamp.