Igor B – Dry Leaves [Breathing Room Records]

Igor B Raindrops EP Art
Finally making an appearance on his own label, Igor B is setting the mood for the transition from autumn to winter. The “Raindrops EP” on Breathing Room Records sees the Canadian artist following up on his debut LP, “Stranded Seaside”, released earlier this summer on Ibiza’s NuNorthern Soul. Shedding the lower BPMs and sunny air of the album, this time he opts for more dancefloor-friendly compositions with some darker atmospheres cropping up as the release progresses from song one to four— just as the weather does the same outside.

The title track features his friend and talented collaborator, Ian Usher. Together, the duo create a groove-laden piece that ebbs and flows just as an early fall day would transition from sun to rain and back again. From the swelling guitars in the break to the deep bass and the solo at the piece’s climax, Ian’s talents are on full display and merge beautifully with Igor’s production efforts.

Second up is “Dry Leaves”, an upbeat solo composition that blends dusty percussion (Igor’s trademark element) with some arpeggiated synth work and deep, lush pads, while falling keys in the latter half mimic leaves descending from their canopies. Igor and Ian combine for another track on the release, “Whirlwinds”, an amalgam that brings together influences from all over the musical spectrum, with instruments such as the ney, oud and bongos weaving together like the swirling updrafts of a late fall storm. The EP closer, “Poseidon’s Calling”, is the moodiest of the bunch. Haunting melodies and swelling pads combine to create a bittersweet atmosphere which reminds you that the dark days of winter are not so far ahead.

Bass and guitars on Raindrops performed by Ian Usher.
Bass guitar on Whirlwinds performed by Ian Usher.



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