UNSIGNED 004 : Native Red – Heavy 64

The unsigned series continues with the fourth instalment of producers we dig that are looking to find a home for their music. We’ve been checking in with some of the producers who have graced the series thus far to see if there are any updates. Both they and we are super happy about the reception that our unsigned series has received and the comments about the music (both public and private) have been overwhelmingly positive. There have been a few minor inquiries made to the artists so far, but we want to further encourage our label and artist friends to get in touch with them if you’re liking what you’re hearing and hopefully sign some of their yet unheard productions! Next up in our series:

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/unsigned-004-native-red-heavy-64″ /]


Warm greetings from Russia’s northern capital Saint Petersburg, I am Andrei, a producer and DJ.
Beyond my own production, I am taking part in nu disco project Gradient Logic and live-oriented dark disco project The Skaars Duo.
In a variety of my musical preferences, I always enjoyed listening to disco of 70s and 80s, that’s why Native Red was born as my new side-project for the heart and soul, delivering rare edits of compositions I grew fond of, driven by boogie vibes of that epoch. I adore the melodious harmony and creativity of this music, and I am delighted to give it a second life, along with revealing its multiple forms to today’s listeners.
Recently the Violette Szabo label released EP Equilibrium with two compositions of Native Red and two tracks of Gradient Logic – the disc clearly exposes the diversity of non-trivial music of that time.
I welcome everyone to check out my new production. Heavy 64 is a groovy, deep bass track full of stringed instruments and analogue synthesizers.