Stekl – Make It Work [Fantastic Voyage]

Fantastic Voyage is the brainchild of Los Angeles-based producer Justin Jay. Bursting onto the scene from his college dorm more than a decade ago, Mr. Jay was the youngest member of Claude VonStroke’s Dirtybird Records. Since that time, the producer has grown quite a lot, embarking on a journey that has taken him far from the American soundscapes he first gained so much notoriety.

What I find commendable about Fantastic Voyage is its steadfast commitment to inclusion. The variety of music one can find on the imprint is truly astounding. From pop to R&B, indie rock to lo-fi house, Mr. Jay shows no qualms with promoting any particular kind of sound. Artists in the collective appear to have free reign in expressing who they truly are – with the number one goal being to have fun and make friends.

Having completed 5 years around the sun in 2021, Fantastic Voyage is starting off the year with a release from up-and-coming Canadian producer Stekl! Titled Make It Work, this EP sets out to capture the emotions of summertime in Vancouver. During those months of the year, the city only reaches around 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Definitely not ideal weather for most summertime activities. However, as the title of the record suggests, sometimes you just have to make it work!

Featuring a total of 8 tracks, 2 of them being remixes from Bolting Bits’ favorite TilmanMake It Work is a collection of dreamlike Balearic beats and deep disco cuts that exude a feeling of subdued optimism – gently urging listeners along to make the best of what’s in front of you. Set to come out January 14th, you can pre-order your copy by clicking on the link below.