Unknown Mobile – Tired [These Things Take Time]

these things take time
Unknown Mobile should change his name to Banger Banger Mobile because I feel like every time one Levi’s tune hits my ears I’m literally fuckin’ reelin’ for the dancefloor. “Tired”, his contribution to a killer various artists compilation on These Things Take Time hits on all the right levels and might be my favorite from his growing discography. Reviews aren’t supposed to be sad, but I’m pretty fucking sad that I can’t get absolutely destroyed by this tune on one of my local rave systems. I know, times are tough right now, but we will persevere and slaps like this will get the dancefloor time they deserve. OR WILL THEY!? I don’t fuckin’ know, okay. All I know is that I’d trade 30 Molson Canadian’s for a chance to take this tune out for a rip at Panorama Bar.


Normally, I’d have the words to describe the tune in finer detail. In the past I’ve given breakdowns of specific instrumentation choices and I’d point out the track’s perceived genre influences. BUT LIKE, THAT IS NOT RELEVANT RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I’M TOO BUSY SMASHING THE REPEAT BUTTON WITH MY WHOLE FUCKING FACE. PLEASE GOD SOMEONE MAKE ME A 45-MIN VERSION OF THIS TUNE. It’s really just everything I love about the current flavor of tech house and deep house and labels like Casa Voyager, Coymix, Dance All Day, etc. Floaty yet PUMPY, driving, spacey, punchy, techy, fuck man. Proper grammar goes right out the window when a track hits like “Tired” does.

Anyways, I hope ya’ll enjoy the one review I’ll write this year, and I hope it came across that I really really really love this tune. And for the love of all that is holy please check out the full project. Regularfantasy has assembled a serious cast of characters for this one and there are plenty of other amazing tunes to be heard.

Compilation: Vol. 002 is set for release on October 9th on all your favorite online shops. Cop it from Bandcamp, though. Big love to ya’ll. Stay safe. Stay well. Stay golden.