Unknown Mobile – Ravers Sojourn [Pacific Rhythm]

unknown mobile - pactific rhythm

Daucile Moon is the name of Unknown Mobile’s debut album which has been four years in the making. The Canadian producer, real name Levi Bruce, has released a number of records on some well established labels such as Normals Welcome and SOBO. The album follows his most recent release on the latter and is an explorative 8 track affair on Pacific Rhythm.

Shedding the usual kick drums, Daucile Moon is pure listening material and crosses several genre boundaries while trending toward ambient and downtempo. It features Mike Silver aka CFCF, a fellow Canadian, on the plaintive guitar melodies you hear on A Windless March Ouest, Oenology and Copper Bird Bath.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-unknown-mobile-ravers-sojourn-1″ /]

Today we’re giving you a sneak peak at the A2, Ravers Sojourn. A voice tells you to go with the experience as some moderately tense chords build pressure with a looming acid-like bass. The echoing lead does nothing to release the tension but in fact aids in continuing to build it. An uncomplicated yet bewitching piece, the beauty is in its simplicity.

Although the majority of the album trends towards warmer atmospheres, there are a couple of songs that contrast those moods such as our premiere today and another favourite of ours, Simone Can’t Swim, named after a dog Bruce met. Get your pre-orders in as the album is due out July 15.