Two Tones Shape – Nouveau Monde (Mignon Remix) [Honey Badger Records]

[HBRRMX03] Two Tone Shape - Fantastic Machines Remix_cover

Honey Badger Records are already off to a scorching start to 2021. Back on March 5th, label-head JNS dropped the remix-package to his 2020 debut album, Miasma Remix, which we covered on the site. One of the remixes on that project was courtesy of electronic duo Two Tone Shape, which saw the Seoul-native duo lending their expansive, live-set-programming chops to the track, “Tipping Point”. The duo released their own breakout project on Honey Badger last November, Fantastic Machines, and now, the label is giving it the same treatment as JNS’s debut, with a remix album dropping April 7th.

Tapped for closing track “Nouveau Monde”––a short, yet expertly paced ambient closer––Seoul-based DJ, Mignon, drops us right in media res with his remix. Rather than abiding by the slow-burn formula of the original, Mignon immediately hits us with the sonic wall that the original methodically develops. However, he still manages to retain the sense of pacing and grandeur that the original so elegantly displayed, while introducing a higher BPM and several more breaks. The peak of this track soars to heights and a sense of awe only hinted at in the original, but all the while manages to never feel over-the-top or as if it’s fully deconstructing the original edifice upon which it is built. 

With this release, Honey Badger are quickly establishing themselves as one of the most prolific and versatile indie-House labels not only in South Korea, but all across the globe. The range of talent on display here is nothing short of amazing.