Sojeso – Casino [HBRVA04]

Seoul based imprint ‘Honey Badger Records’ return on September 1st, with their fourth label compilation ‘HBRVA04’. Label regulars such as Sosejo, Closet Yi & Mignon, all join head honcho JNS in contributing to the latest release from the Korean capital. ‘HBRVA04’ is a reflection of the electronic music climate at current, delivering cuts from all angles and genres. From the breakbeat, acid tinged ‘Unnamed Lagoon’ by Closet Yi, to the 90’s Italo vibes in Seo John’s ‘Granite’, this release has no boundaries, only visions.On the back of his remix of ‘Two Tone Shape – Mystic Avenue’ on ‘HBRRMX03’, Honey Badger regular Sojeso contributes the dance floor primed track, ‘Casino’. Revolving around a well-rounded bubbling bassline that percolates through the skippy, techy drums, revealing an infectious, fast-paced rhythm, ‘Casino’ has some serious dance appeal. A softer, playful hook dances above the bassline, juxtaposing the energy underneath, and allowing all of the elements to breathe into life with fluidity.

Once you feel the bassline playing in tandem with the other elements, it’s hard not to get locked into a trance-like vibe. Occasionally you stumble across a track that you could loop for hours, and this sure is one of them.It’s simple, yet busy. It’s tough, yet beautiful. Blink, and you’ll miss it…
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